How To Draw Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw a Well Step by Step

Lumiere may look easy to draw but it can be difficult to recreate him. Draw a straight line from the bottom and then trace a guide for your face.

Step 2

Now, draw Lumiere’s head. It is basically a candle. Draw the French nose, as well as the sides of the mouth, right cheek, and chin.

Step 3

Make sure you draw a definition line at top of candle. Once you are done, draw the flame and wick as shown. Next, draw the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. You will need to draw your teeth and the bottom of the candlestick below it.

Step 4

Draw the chest for the Lumiere candle, then draw the arms.

Step 5

Lumiere uses hand candles so you will need to draw both the cup and the small candles in each holder. Move on to the people by drawing wicks or flames.

Step 6

The Lumiere will be finished. All you need to do to finish the Lumiere is paint the brass lampstand and the decorative base. Draw a sketch of the mold detail and then clean up your drawing to make it easy to color.

Step 7

When you are done, this is your finished line art. You can now color your Candlesticks with a Lumiere.

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