Hello dear artists. On our site, there is an abundance of drawing tutorials on various superheroes like Black Panther and Quicksilver. Today, we decided to create another lesson on this subject and came up with the lesson about drawing Luke Cage.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the skeleton of the present-day character. The drawing should be done using basic lines, and simple geometric forms. Begin by sketching out the head in the shape of an egg-shaped figure that looks like an upside-down egg. Then draw the neck, which flows through the spine. Next, sketch out the legs and arms using straight lines.

Step 2
We now draw lines of symmetry for the face. They should meet in the middle of the face, close to where the bridges of the nose meet. Next, sketch on the neck as well as the torso with a strong and tapering towards the waist. Draw out the legs and arms using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
The model of our character is complete, so we’ll take care of the finer details. Draw the eyes, and then draw slightly frowned upon eyebrows. The next step is to draw the lips and nose. Draw lines that are dark and clear beginning at this point.

Step 4
We are now drawing Luke Cage’s head. Luke Cage. Draw the contours of the head that is bald jaw, cheekbones, and cheeks. Make sure to draw out your ears as well as the beard.

Step 5
The next step is to move to the upper torso. As you continue to draw necklines, draw a trapezoid muscular. Below, draw lines of clavicles, and massive pectoral muscles. Drawing large back muscles and abdominal muscles.

Step 6
Let’s sketch the arms. The first step is to draw the deltoid muscle, then below draw the triceps, biceps, and the muscles of the forearms. Create hands tightly in fists and erase the lines.

Step 7
The next step is to draw Luke’s lower body. Cages. Draw the belt as well as an outline for the trousers. Draw pockets, seams, and pockets on your pants. Then at the end of this step, take off your shoes.

Step 8
We’ll now look at the shadows. Like every drawing lesson this one, the comics of the shadows in this lesson will appear black. They are highly contrasted. Draw the outline of the shadows then paints them in black.

The lesson was on drawing Luke Cage from Marvel Comics. Make sure to check out this section of our website “Comics” section of our site which contains an abundance of awesome drawing classes.

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