How to Draw Luigi -

How to Draw Luigi

How to Draw Luigi

This guide will show you how to draw Luigi. This is one of the most beloved characters in Mario’s universe. We hope that you enjoy this tutorial.


Step 1

First, we will draw two rounded shapes to correspond with the head and body. The head is large, as in many cartoon styles. The neck is missing.




Step 2

We can now draw the main features of the face: large oval eyes and a rounded nose. The distance between the eyes is very small.




Step 3

The Mario universe’s male characters have large, round mustaches. Let’s draw a mustache with a small dash mouth.




Step 4

Luigi has quite cartoonish facial features. This is the next step. Let’s now draw the large, protruding ears as well as the visor that comes from our locksmith’s cap.




Step 5

As the final step, we began drawing the cap. Now we will finish this by adding a few rounded lines to the top of the character’s head. The cap’s prominent, and the bright logo should not be overlooked.




Step 6

You can add small details such as sideburns, eyebrows, and hair outlines at the bottom of your nape.




Step 7

This step adds details to your clothes. These are the jumpsuit fasteners every locksmith needs. Make sure to draw small circles, as in the sample.




Step 8

This step will allow us to draw the long, rounded sleeves for our character. The distal sleeves have rounded edges and are marked with a large, round symbol.




Step 9

Drawing fists can be difficult. Check out this tutorial on how to draw fists. Make sure to verify the proportions in our tutorial. The fists should be larger than the realistic style.




Step 10

We will now continue the tutorial on drawing Luigi from Mario. This step adds the outline of the wide pants.



Step 11

Let’s make rounded boots. These are essential accessories for locksmiths and builders. Don’t forget to add a border around the sole and protruding relief zones.




Step 12

To make sure you are able to evaluate the entire sketch before using paints, we always leave a step. This lesson does not break with this tradition. Take a look at the drawing to verify that all proportions and shapes are correct. You can correct any errors by erasing them.




Step 13

Luigi prefers blue and green as his traditional colors. Let’s create a familiar look by using these colors. You can paint lighter shadows with darker base colors.



This is how to draw Luigi. We hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions about our tutorial.



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