The Simpsons series is filled with various stereotypical characters, like the Italian chef Luigi Risotto. As you can imagine, in this post, we’ll teach you the art of drawing Luigi Risotto from the Simpsons.

Step 1 Then, draw the body in a shape of a head and a circle like in our illustration.

Step 2 Then, using a light move of the hands We draw out Luigi’s legs and arms.

Step 3 Draw big round eyes with pupils made of dots. You can also draw a large round nose.

Step 4 Then draw little ears with curly hair along both sides and an oversized chef hat on one of the heads.

Step 5 We complete drawing the face of our Italian chef by creating a curly mustache and a smiling mouth.

Step 6 Draw the sleeves, and open the palms, as illustrated in the illustration below.

Step 7 Go to Luigi’s body. Draw a neckerchief over the neck and outline a belly that is round with the help of two buttons.

Step 8 Go to the lower section on the back of Luigi Risotto and draw a long apron.

Step 9 The last step is to be completed to draw the lower portion of the shoes and pants.

This tutorial on drawing Luigi Risotto was one of the many lessons we have learned about people from the Simpsons. We draw the characters using a variety of methods. In some instances, we sketch an outline of the “dummy” of the future character, like in this lesson, or instantly draw a character like in the lesson on Lisa Simpson.

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