How to Draw Lucy from Fairy Tail

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin sketching your Lucy by drawing her head. Then draw out the body’s outline. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to draw guides for the face before drawing the liners for arms and legs.

Step 2

In this sketch, you’ll begin to sketch Lucy’s hairstyle. Then, you will begin sketching the basic outline of her body. This are her shoulders. When drawing her hair, ensure the ends are clean and neat.

Step 3

Now, sketch Lucy’s hairstyle, and then add the hair with some more definition. Use the facial guides you sketched earlier to outline her nose, eyes, and mouth. Outline her ears and draw the upper sections of her arms.

Step 4

Sketch out the silhouette of Lucy’s beautiful breasts and upper body. add some details to her t-shirt. Then draw some strokes on her arms. Like you’ll see,, the dress is drawn as well.

Step 5

The only thing you need to do is draw her skirt, which is ruffled and super short, then keep in mind the details and draw it out. After that, you’ll outline the tight t-shirt and then fold in her hips.

Step 6

To draw the final step, all you have be drawing is the outline and location of her sexy , long leg and foot. You can begin erasing the guides and forms that you sketched in the first step to complete this tutorial.

Step 7

Here’s Lucy and what she’ll appear to be when you’re finished. You can color her in and be finished with this step-by-step tutorial about “how to draw Lucy from Fairy Tail, step by step”. Join me next time to continue the drawing enjoyable.

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