We just taught you ways to draw a weird creature from Futurama which was the head slug. Today we’ll draw a second odd creature from the series. However, the lesson on drawing Lord Nibbler will be more complex and fascinating.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a horizontal oval to represent the head. The next step is to draw an oval for the body.

Step 2
Draw the arms of a long man and the disproportionately short legs of Lord Nibbler.

Step 3
With two circles draw the eyes using pupils that are in the shape of dots along the side head.

Step 4
Go towards the top of the head, and trace the eye of your third on the top of the head.

Step 5
Then draw a mouth with one nostril and two protruding short fangs.

Step 6
Let’s look at the attire of our humorous character and create the Cape. We’ll now move to the body.

Step 7
The next step is to draw the upper portion of the arms and body. Draw a line of curved lines on the abdomen and navel.

Step 8
This is where we draw a diaper over the Lord of all, along with his legs. Note that the legs are drawn quite simply, and in reality, they are very basic lines.

It was a fairly easy course (certainly not as easy as the previous lesson regarding the brain slug) about drawing Lord Nibbler. In the near future, we will be creating several more lessons about those characters in Futurama. Write about other characters you would like to learn how to draw, and then we’ll develop a drawing tutorial for the character.

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