Hello! Here’s a step-by-step drawing tutorial that will be discussing Loki. You may have heard about Loki is one of the main characters in movies and comics Thor is the hero and god of thunder together. We would like to highlight the unusual decision of Marvel writers they have decided to look at the gods of pagan pagan pagan Scandinavian gods to get new ideas. In fact, in the comics of this universe, there are depicted in the form of Zeus, Anubis, and the other gods of the old world.

The first comic book on Thor was released in the year 1962, which was the year that the world was introduced to Loki the half-brother of Thor. In reality, Loki was coined by the Scandinavian tribes, also known by the name of Vikings. Their mythology was complex – in addition to creatures of the sea and dragons forests were filled with fairytale characters as well as the sky was inhabited by numerous gods, each with their own characters. Let’s find out the art of drawing Loki!

Step 1
First, we sketch the stickman. We draw the figure of circles and sticks to indicate the fundamental proportions of Loki and his posture as well as his position on the paper. The main characteristics of the male figure: the height is a total height that is 7.5 Heads, shoulders that are bigger than the pelvis, and arms that extend to mid-way between the section in between the belt joint and knee joint.

You can observe in the drawing, you can draw the head with an oval, and draw the body by drawing simple lines.

Regular readers might be aware that every drawing lesson on human beings begins with the stickman. Even the most realistic lessons such as drawing the image of a Doctor begin with a stickman, which is exactly like the initial phases of drawing lessons on superheroes.

Step 2
The head of Loki draws the vertical lines of symmetry of the face and the line of horizontality between the mouth and eyes. With your eyes fixed on these lines drawing long and curly horns. Next, we draw a cylinder-like shape that is the neck. Below the neck, we sketch out the body. Then, the arms can be visually divided into upper and lower arms, shoulders elbows, forearms, elbows, and hands.

The size of the torso has been sharply reduced due to the broad shoulders and the muscles of the back in addition to the slim waist. But, the shape is not as similar to an hourglass-like it is a girl’s

figure. Draw the pelvis as a shape of a triangle. Draw the legs similar to curved and elongated cylindrical shapes. The legs are growing around the calf muscles as well as the thighs and taper in areas of the knees as well as the ankles.

Step 3.
We draw a line on the length of a twisted, long tape that is positioned in three spots to the headgear of Loki. Draw out the parts of the massive armor, which is located on the shoulders. Just below the knees, draw those lapels on boots. Additionally, in this step, when drawing the cape for Loki Make sure to draw two folds along the edges that gradually shrink downwards. In addition, it was not too long ago that we created another fan of capes one of them was Darth Vader.

Step 4
Utilizing the markups of the previous steps to draw the face’s features. the face with the markup you created from the previous phases. I have to say that the facial features are similar to those of a normal human face, which is characterized by a sharp smile. Take note of the feature that Marvel as well as the mythological Loki didn’t have a beard and this is unusual for Scandinavians.

Step 5
Then draw your helmet for Loki. Take note of the front plate that is in the form of V From this point, you can begin the horns. Make sure to remove all the additional guidelines from Loki’s head and face. Loki.

Step 6
With pre-planned lines to draw the neck, and jagged patterns in the collar region. Remove any extra instructions from the necks and the spaulders then draw them. The armor of Loki shouldn’t look bulky and hefty, like the armor of knights, it should look simple and easy to use.

Step 7
With the markup created in the previous steps, outline clearly defined pectoral muscles. Also, outline the muscles of the oblique and draw a design that is extending across every part of your body. Then, erase the strokes and guides, and outline the torso with clear, precise lines.

Step 8
Make the arms. Make sure to remove the guides from the arms, and then circle the lines of muscles. Draw the wrists with stripes with shorter lines. After this step, draw your fingers.

Step 9
Draw the smoke coming out of your index finger on the left side of Loki. Draw the long portion of the clothes to the hip.

Then, the legs. It appears that there are many small strokes that can be confusing, but not. First, outline the contours of the thighs as well as the knees. Then, using the strokes of a pair, draw the muscles in the calf. Remove the guidelines from the legs and sketch the muscle lines. Draw the lapels of and around his boot, folds of the soles of boots, as well as transverse strips in the lower portion of the leg.

Step 10
Create shadows for our Loki. As you can see, the current illustration is a classic comic book style. That means that shadows will appear contrast and vibrant black. It is best to draw shadows using two steps – first, outline the contour of the shade and then paint the area of shadows. To draw halftones, you can use hatching.

It was a drawing lesson session, in which we showed you a drawing of Loki. It’s not easy and if you are not doing it, you might want to begin by practicing lessons that are easier such as the drawing tutorial on drawing the drawing of a canine. Come back soon to’s pages.

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