In this lesson, we’ll demonstrate ways to draw Lois Griffin – one of the main characters from Family Guy. This lesson will be drawn in a different way than how the usual drawing of the characters of Lois Griffin.

Step 1
The first step is to draw eyes that are round and an iconic face of Lois Griffin.

Step 2
A simple process where we draw the pupils, eyelids, and eyelids by using dots.

Step 3
Make a smiley face and lips in our illustration.

Step 4
This is somewhat more difficult as in this case, we have to sketch out the contours of our face and hairstyle, and earrings that are round.

Step 5
Then, using sleek and curved lines, we trace what we think is the shape of a shorter hairstyle.

Step 6
A short process in which you draw out the collar and neck of the shirt.

Step 7
Continue drawing the outline of a shirt. Draw the shoulders out and the outline of the torso, and the sleeves.

Step 8
Then we complete drawing the shirt. Draw the lower part of the shirt as well as the buttons.

Step 9
Make the hand. Take note that the characters from The Family Guy have four fingers on their hands, just like the Simpsons characters.

Step 10
By using many straight lines, you can draw the legs of characters of today.

Step 11
In the last step in the guide, you sketch Lois Griffin in which we draw the shoes.

The drawing tutorial was on Lois Griffin from Family Guy Now you can draw the character. If you’d like to improve your drawing skills for others, then send us a note about it and we’ll likely draw this drawing tutorial for you. Also, don’t forget that within the category titled “Cartoons” on our site there are plenty of characters from the popular animated series. You can visit the category and keep learning how to draw.


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