On our site, there is an abundance of drawing tutorials for cartoon characters. In fact, we have a complete category titled “Comics”. This time, we’re going to replenish this category by introducing a unique character that is available in the pages of comics that focus on the X-Men.

Step 1
As you can observe, this is basically the size of a tiny dragon. The first step is drawing the small dragon using the Skeleton. Sketch out the head, and the torso using simple ovals. With light lines, sketch out the legs and arms.

Step 2
A simple part of the tutorial on drawing Lockheed from Marvel Here we sketch the wings and long tail.

Step 3
Let’s get to the finer details. Take care to create the eye as well as the ear inside the upper region.

Step 4
The head continues to be drawn of Lockheed. Here we draw the mouth, which is huge with long teeth and a sharp tongue.

Step 5
Then draw the wings that are like the wings of the bat or the pterodactyl.

Step 6
Draw a massive section in Lockheed. Draw a large leg of Lockheed using sharp claws.

Step 7
Draw another foot and upper limbs which are shorter than those in the rear. In the same way, draw the long tail.

This was a lesson on drawing Lockheed in Marvel Comics. The drawing can be left as we did in our lesson, or draw shadows as in other lessons on comic characters from comic books. If you follow this lesson, you’ll be capable of drawing the dragon. As we’ve already mentioned, Lockheed is essentially a small dragon.


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