How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a Fortnite llama. This lesson is for all llamas lovers, but also those who love this computer game!

It looks like a hollow, paper-mache toy with fringes and interesting details. Let’s draw Llama to surprise everyone who doesn’t know what Fortnite is.


How to draw a lama in Fortnite

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Torso, and Torso for Llama

The cartoonish llama may look cartoonish. However, it should be remembered that this llama is a representation of a real llama. Draw a square or oval shape with an edge protruding.



Step 2: Draw the Eyes and Neck

The oval should have a large eye and a bold dot at the center. Connect the head to the eye with the torso using two lines. It’s not difficult at all!



Step 3 – Draw a Mouth of Llama

Let’s draw the face. Draw a line starting at the eye and ending at the head, then bend it around to the nose. Draw the outline of the mouth and teeth with a few lines.



Step 4 – Draw your Ears

Lama already starts to look away. Let’s draw the ears of our Lama elongated, and close to one another. You can make one ear with a straight edge and the other with flat edges.



Step 5 – Draw your Bridle

Our Llama requires a bridle. It has a bit and two types of straps. The belts are marked with lines that run the length of the head and are fastened behind the ears by a buckle. The muzzle is covered by another strap. Two more circles should be drawn near the mouth.



Step 6 – Draw the details on the Neck of the Llama

Let’s now “stir up” fur! Llamas have dense fur, just like alpacas. It is important to decide immediately what condition we will use for the fur. These will be the fur that grows out of the neck of the llama. You should fill the entire neck with fur.



Step 7 – Draw your saddle

Move on to the saddle. Draw an oblong-shaped square. You can increase the volume by drawing a few more lines side-by-side. Connect the lines to create something similar to a box that attaches to the body of Llama.



Step 8 – Detail your saddle

The people who are in the know know that we now need to draw an arrow. Turn it up and make a volumetric pointer. Add a few elements to the saddle. You can make it look stunning if you draw straight lines across the entire area.



Step 9 – Detail the Front of the Torso

Do you remember how we created the neck texture? It’s time to go back. Fur should be covered from the top of the torso to the saddle. You can even extend the fur beyond the body’s boundaries. These elements will cover the body.



Step 10 – Draw the front legs of your llama

Let’s draw the legs like this: Imagine that we are drawing legs for a stool. Then, draw lines down. Llama should feel safe and secure on the legs. The other legs have not yet been drawn.



Step 11 – Draw the hind legs of the Llama

Draw the hind legs as soon as Llama is gone. You should quickly draw the hind legs! Llama now stands straight with four legs. Verify that the legs are equal in length. Are the legs too short or too thin in relation to the entire Llama? Does this affect the stability of the Llama’s feelings?



Step 12 – Detail your Torso’s Back

Fur can be added to the body of Llama. You don’t need fur on the saddle. As precise and meticulously as possible. Condensing the squares will make your llama appear larger and more majestic.



Step 13 – Draw the Tail Of Llama

You can also arrange the ribbons randomly in close proximity. These ribbons should feel as light as silk.



Step 14 – Delete the Guidelines

Refer back to the beginning paragraphs. We discussed the main parts and lines of the torso. Now we must erase them but not so that it affects our fur square scales. To make your Llama drawing more cartoonish, trace it.



Step 15 – Color the Llama drawing

Use the Fortnite palette to color Llama. You can see that Llama is available in purple, blue, and cyan. We also used beige and brown for the details.



We are now done with the tutorial on llama drawing. Check your Llama drawing against our result. You can always start again if you forget something. All this can be done easily and quickly, we assure you. It is important to continue reading our lessons and to suggest ideas. Are you able to figure out who the next drawing should be?


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