Hey, dear comic artists and fans of comics! We have created for you a drawing tutorial on drawing Lizard in Marvel. On our website, you can find already drawing lessons on popular villains such as Rhino, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, and many others.

Step 1
Even though our character in this lesson isn’t an actual man, his body shape is remarkably human. In the beginning, we usually draw the skeleton and this is no different. Draw the skull using the aid of an oval. Next, sketch the spine, chest, and pelvis. After that, step, and sketch out the legs.

Step 2
Draw the eyes and an opened mouth for our Lizard. Utilizing easy geometric patterns (such as circles and cylinders) increases the volume of the body, arms, and legs.

Step 3
Continue drawing the lesson about drawing Lizard from the character of Spider-Man. We will draw the outline of this long coat, with the high collar as well as an extended tail that tapers towards the edge.

Step 4
Let’s begin adding details to the head. Begin by drawing the eyes with frowning eyes. Next, draw below and draw the mouth open like in our illustration. After this step, erase all other lines.

Step 5
Utilizing short and slightly curly lines, draw the pattern in the skull and neck of Curt Connors. In addition, on our site, there’s a lesson on the human lizard, or perhaps an instructional lesson on drawing the Lizard of Mortal Kombat.

Step 6
Take care to take the lab coat out. Make sure to fold all the folds of the lab coat in our illustration. Be aware that the sleeves must be tear-free.

Step 7
In this part of the tutorial on drawing the Lizard from Marvel, we will draw the upper part of the body. Take care to draw your fingers and then add lines like in the example.

Step 8
We move through the lower portion of the lower body part of the Lizard. Pull the pants out with folds at the groin and the knees. Make sure that the lower part of the pants must also ripped.

Step 9
We’ve reached the final step of our lesson on drawing Curt Connors. Make long, lizard-like feet as well as a tail. Add lines longitudinal to the tail, and short lines to the feet.

This drawing lesson on the villains that Spider-Man of the Marvel Universe came to a conclusion. Don’t forget to sign up for our updates on social media and share this drawing tutorial.


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