Hi, dear friends! A few lessons on drawing Simpsons were recently posted on our website. We have yet to learn anything about Lisa. Lisa Simpson is one of the most intelligent and promising girls in Springfield.

At eight years old Lisa is honest, wise and the moral center of the Simpson family. She is the younger sister to Bart and the older sister to Maggie. Lisa is the author of almost every rational and reasonable thought in each series. Matt Groening, the creator of the Simpsons, named Lisa after his native sister.

Let’s get started with how Lisa Simpson draws!

Step 1
We first draw the contours for the eyes and nose.

Step 2
This is the right time to create Lisa Simpson’s hairstyle. As you can see Lisa’s hair is one long angular line. Important: The line has eight corners.

Step 3
Okay, now we’ll draw the lower half of the face, the mouth, and the chin.

Step 4
A few details can bring Lisa Simpson’s face closer to the original. These are the details:

The pupils. It is important that the pupils are located in a way that allows for the desired facial expressions. ;
The eyelashes. Each eye should have four lashes.
The ear is made up of a semicircle plus a few lines.

Step 5
Let’s see if Lisa’s face is correct. If you are satisfied with the sketch, you can begin to draw the contours and arms of the torso.

Step 6
This lesson will show you step-by-step how to draw Lisa Simpson. Now, let’s move on to the final stage. Draw the shoes and legs.

The drawing tutorial How to Draw Lisa Simpson has ended. You might also enjoy our other drawing tutorials on the Simpsons.

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