In this drawing lesson for beginners, we will teach how to draw lips. ways to draw your lips. This drawing tutorial is beneficial not just if you would like to know how drawing lips but for drawing the face as a whole.

To learn the art of drawing lips it is essential to at the very least be aware of what is the structure of your mouth. It is essential to know how to draw lips by knowing the structure and not simply copying the contour of the mouth.

We recommend that you learn the principles of shadow and light and the principles of perspective. It is crucial to comprehend the best way to sketch objects within space and give them the best appearance.

Let’s begin with the step-by-step guide to drawing lips.


Step 1

In order to draw your mouth without no making mistakes with proportions start by sketching the rules. Begin by drawing an arc of vertical lines that run through the center of your face. Then, draw the horizontal guideline.



Step 2

Draw the outline of the lower and upper lips with very thin lines. In this case, it is essential to sketch out the size and shape of the lips using general and rough lines without trying to draw specific details.


Step 3

Then, using more precise and precise lines, draw the lines of your upper lip using the guidelines you learned from the earlier step. To verify the proportionality, you could examine your work with the mirror.


Step 4

Following the directions from the earlier steps Draw the lower edge on the lower lip. While drawing these symmetrical features ensure that you are constantly comparing the right and left sides and at times, remove the drawing from you in order not to get it wrong in proportions.


Step 5

With precise and precise lines, draw the lower lip with precision and accuracy. We’d like to emphasize the fact that everyone’s lips are different and their lips are different in shape. In this example, we present a particular formula to draw any lip, by slight changes in the form that the lines take.


Step 6

Remove all guidelines that are not necessary from your lips drawing to create the most complete and neat appearance. Additionally, you can include some additional details like folds or wrinkles on your lips.


Step 7

Then, using hatching, create shadows, considering the shape of the lips as well as the laws of shadow and light. To create shadows that are darker, use additional hatch layers.


Step 8

Examine your lips drawing against our illustration to identify mistakes and rectify the mistakes if they’re. It is also possible to add additional details like folds in the lips.


Remember that the drawing of lips that you can see in this illustration is a general formula. Try drawing lips using an alternative shape by following the above steps. This will allow you to consolidate the abilities you’ve acquired.

To make your abilities more thorough make sure you draw your entire face with lips, and also other specifics, i.e. eyes, the nose and ears, eyes, and so on. When drawing in a separate way the lips or the entire face, be mindful of the steps we have explained in this drawing lesson.

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