This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw lips from the side. This is part of our lessons on drawing lips at different angles.

Artists must be able to draw lips and other parts of the face. This ability is essential for drawing portraits and other drawings where people are present.

We recommend that you read our article about anatomy for artists to better understand the structure and how to draw it.

Let’s now get to the tutorial about how to draw lips on the side.

Step 1

Sketch a vertical line first. This will be a guideline and will allow you to draw your lips in accordance with all proportions in the future. To mark the mouth opening, draw a horizontal line.



Step 2

Draw the outline of your lips using the guidelines you have seen in the previous step. Begin with the upper lip, drawing its curves in the example. Next, draw the lower lip.


Step 3

Draw the lines that will separate the lips from the rest of your face. Draw a line from the corner to the labial commissure.


Step 4

You can now give your lips a finished, clean look by erasing all construction lines. You can verify the accuracy of your picture by looking through a mirror, or moving away from the image for a brief distance.


Step 5

This is the perfect time to make your lips look more natural. You will need to draw shadows by hatching. In our article on light & shadow, we examined the structure and process of drawing shadows.


Step 6

Comparing your lips with the example will help you to identify and rectify any errors. By adding shading layers, you can make the lips look larger. You can draw the background or shade the area behind your lips to give the lips more volume.


Lips can be a difficult subject to draw. You can draw them as a straight line, but this will take away any realness and credibility.

To draw lips correctly, it is important to understand their structure. Understanding how they appear in real life and the factors that affect their appearance is important.

Also, it is important to understand how shadows work and how they are structured in order to draw lips.

While this will take time, the end result will not only be a good understanding of how to draw lips but also a copy of the drawing.

You will then need to consolidate what you know. It is important to draw the object you want as many times as possible to make the entire process of creating it on paper automatable.


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