How to Draw Lips from the side Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw a Face from the Side Step by Step

Step 1

Making the choice between the upper and lower lip position This is the first step to determine whether you’ll create an overbite, a typical bite, or deeper bite.

Step 2

Select lip angle This next stroke determines the size of the lower and upper lips, and also whether the lips’ corners are inclined upwards or downwards.

Step 3

Draw a triangle. Turn your sketch into an actual triangle. The larger your circle, the bigger your lips will appear.

Step 4

Draw the mouth’s corner. The corner is the area of your mouth. It can be as simple as a dot, bracket or raindrop shape, a triangle, etc.

Step 5

Make the top lip can begin by drawing either the bottom or top lip. In the tutorial I began by drawing the upper part. Draw a curved line that begins from the top left edge of the triangle. The curve could be a little like the form of a triangle with the edges protruding outward, or within the boundaries. The choice is yours.

Step 6

The upper lip is finished. Connect the line you traced by putting the corner of your mouth. Do not draw a straight line. It is more beneficial to draw a slight curved line rather than a straight line.

Step 7

Make the lip lower create the lip on your lower side, begin your line from the left-hand corner at the bottom of the triangle. Wrap it up until it is in line with your top lip.

Step 8

Draw the upper lip along with the lower. Draw lower lip. Make sure not to extend your line to far. The upper lip should be of the same size than the lip, or greater. When drawing the lower lip or chin for dark spots, be sure that the curvature is not evident. The teeth on the bottom will push the lower lip and lower lips forward, which reduces the extent in the curve.

Step 9

The outline should be drawn around the lower and upper lips using your HB pencil using the least amount of force you can drawing lines around the lips connecting these to mouth corners. Remove your rule.

Step 10

Making contour lines is a good idea. Time to shade! If you are concerned that it’s too strong, you can use an eraser kneaded by hand to take away the graphite layer from your drawing. You can then use an HB pencil that is sharp to trace your contours.

Step 11

Shading Lips Create more contours with your 2B, HB, and 4B pencils. On the edges the lip smooth your edges so that they don’t become too rough.

Step 12

Skin Shading for this video tutorial, I employed the cyclic method of shading the lips’ skin. I utilized the blunt HB pencil, and then created circles and layers. Use 2B to shade darker areas. I colored areas such as the lower lips, cheeks and areas around the corners and the skin directly beneath the nose slightly darker.If you’re still seeing lots of white space then make use of an HB pencil apply more layers of the skin. Do not press too hard, or your lines will become quite obvious!

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