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This tutorial will teach you step-by-step how to draw lips in the 3/4 view.

This lesson is part of our mini-series on drawing faces from the 3/4 view.

This angle is the most common for portraits. Drawing a face or parts of a face from this angle is extremely important.

This lesson will show you how to draw your lips from the 3/4 perspective. We’ll discuss in detail the various features and offer some tips to help you consolidate the information.


Step 1

Begin by drawing a vertical guideline around the lips. This line marks the center of your face and prevents you from getting lost in proportions. Next, draw a horizontal line. This will help you not get lost in the proportions.



Step 2

Draw the tubercle above the crosshair using a straight, narrow line. Next, draw the lips’ upper and lower edges using a few more lines. Draw the sides of your lips on the left and right sides of the horizontal line.


Step 3

Use long, smooth lines to draw the line between the lips and the rest of your face. These lines are known as the vermilion borders. Remember that a mouth is a volumetric object. When drawing it, try to communicate this volume on paper.


Step 4

Draw the lips with cleaner lines and add creases. The philtrum columns can be drawn using a few simple lines. It is important to draw lips in the 3/4 view using perspective. Make the parts closest to you a little bigger than those further away.


Step 5

Now it’s time for the lips to get a more polished look. You can do this by carefully erasing any construction lines that you don’t need. Remember that you must always compare the drawings with each other to identify and correct errors.


Step 6

You can give your lips drawing a more complete look by adding shadows. You can begin to draw shadows starting from the darkest parts and gradually increase the mid-tones using hatching. You can leave the lightest areas intact. If you make the areas closest to you more contrastive than those farther away, it can increase the volume of the drawing.


To draw lips accurately and convincingly, it is important to understand their anatomy. Understanding the anatomy of the mouth will allow you to see the details and how certain facial structures can affect the shape and appearance of your lips.

You should draw your lips from as many angles as possible and with different references. You can start by drawing your lips in the mirror. You can also refer to the internet for photos of antique statues. You will consolidate your knowledge from this lesson by practicing it regularly.


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