how to draw link

Today, we will demonstrate ways you can draw Link from The Legends of Zelda. There are many steps, and you might think this is a complicated drawing tutorial. It is actually extremely simple.

Step 1

We will first draw an outline of a stickman Link. Draw three round shapes and join them by a unidirectional vertical line. The Head is the highest figure, while the chest forms the middle, and of the pelvis, is the bottom figure.




Step 2

Add the limbs. It is possible to imagine any pose you want to Link but try to determine the proper proportions and appropriate length of the legs. We chose to give our character a posture in which the right hand is bent at a right angle, and the legs are spaced out.




Step 3.

Draw two overlapping lines across the face. The horizontal line represents the lines of the eyes, while the vertical line indicates how symmetrical the face is. The regular readers of this blog probably were astonished by the peculiarity. In this drawing class, the line of the eyes is at the upper part of the facial. In other lessons in drawing (for instance, drawing about Superman) The eye line is much higher.

This is because of posture. In our example, the line of eyes is drawn downwards such that our character is able to tilt his head to the side. Try to convey this characteristic properly.




Step 4

Link is an armed warrior. This is why we should sketch the outline of Link’s shield. Then we’ll sketch the outline of the left arm.




Step 5

Therefore, we take a close look at the reference point of the second stage and then sketch the contours that the legs will follow. Link is the body of a teenager. Therefore, you shouldn’t draw legs with too much power.




Step 6

What is the style our character is drawn in? It’s obvious that it’s the style of animated characters. So, we draw detailed big frown eyes and sketch out the rest of the facial face features.




Step 7

Hairstyles are the way we depict our character. The fringe is composed of sharp edges. Similar sharp corners can be situated at the edges of your head.




Step 8

The character we are describing has an almost full head. To make Link’s appearance complete, we must draw the contours of the cap as well as the lower jaw.




Step 9

The next step is to draw the areas of the robes worn by our character which aren’t covered with shields. In this stage, we’ll draw the belt as well as a pair of belts crossed across the body. The link also comes with the neckline of a collar that is low.




Step 10

We will continue working on Link outfits. In this section, we’ll sketch the armor’s bottom that resembles the skirt. We will also draw an inside view of the shield.




Step 11

Then next, we sketch the final lines of the left hand. In this case, we must draw fingers that are locked and various straps that run across the forearm.




Step 12

At this point, we’ll draw the shape of a large sword. It is possible to draw any weapon to be used by our hero. It’s just important that the weapon you draw is in exactly the same place as our sword drawn in our drawing.




Step 14

We will use the landmarks drawn in the earlier step to create the legs for our protagonist. The legs of Link should be seamless slimming down. Beware of too broad and strong lines.




Step 14

The only thing we have to do is draw the outline that Link’s feet have. Remember the folds of skin and your boots.




Step 15

It’s essentially an additional small detail for the final step. Let’s sketch out the sheaths that are under the shield. Then, you can add the edge of the blade of the sword.




Step 16

We’ll devote this phase to exploring the colors. Color Link’s clothing should be dark green. The boots must be dark brown, and The pants need to be lighter gray. When you have completed this process make light shadows.




We’re waiting for your feedback in the comment section. We also await your feedback and messages regarding the issues that came up during the drawing lesson.

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