How to Draw Lightning McQueen


We have decided to show you how we draw Lightning McQueen in this step-by-step tutorial. The Cars series’ Indomitable and Fast Racing Car. Let’s draw Lightning McQueen to reflect each of the above epithets.

It will work. It’s easy! Follow these instructions to learn how to draw Lightning McQueen.


How to draw Lightning McQueen

Step 1: Draw the outline of the body

Let’s begin at the base. Draw a rectangle, then round its corners. The salon is higher and is a trapezoid.




Step 2: Draw the Windows and Arches

Draw the lines to outline Lightning McQueen’s interior. It is very large and the side windows should be three times as small. To draw the recesses to the wheels, use smooth, wavy lines.




Step 3 – Draw Lightning McQueen’s Eyes

McQueen is more than a car. McQueen is not just a car. He’s a cartoon character that needs eyes. Let’s draw two circles and two smaller ones inside. In the middle, draw a straight line starting at the lower-left corner.




Step 4 – Draw the Mouth and Headlights

Lightning McQueen is an incredibly funny character. We will increase the size of its headlights, which illuminate the road at night. You can draw the headlights using a few dashes and then add arched lines to the radiator.




Step 5 – Draw Lightning McQueen’s Wheels

Draw the wheels using the following method: In the close-up draw smooth arcs to imitate the wheel’s shape. Then draw the rear wheel using a straight line. This will allow you to visualize the three-dimensional structure.




Step 6 – Draw the Rims and Spoiler

The wheels should look real. The rims should be marked as circles within the wheels. Because the wheel is turned at an angle, the rear rim looks a bit different. The spoiler is drawn against the background. This car element gives you a feeling of speed.




Step 7 – Draw the Rim Pattern

Continue drawing the near wheel, namely its rim. You must press it into the wheel structure. Therefore, it is important that you draw another arcuate line within the wheel. The rim is round and we won’t be able to see it all. The rim is a semicircle containing squares.




Step 8 – Draw all the details

The car’s hood should be drawn at the top. Number 95 should be placed under McQueen’s left headlight. The tailpipes should be visible from under and are located between the front- and rear wheels.




Step 9 – Delete the Guidelines

To make your Lightning McQueen drawings look great, remove all unnecessary lines. You can also use darker lines to make Lightning McQueen’s drawings sharper and cartoonier.




Step 10 – Color your Lightning McQueen drawing

Do you remember the color of our Lightning McQueen? It’s juicy red. Use frames from the cartoon to color your drawing.




McQueen is always looking for sponsorship, prizes, and fame. This aspiration should be reflected in our Lightning McQueen drawing. Maybe you have another Lightning McQueen. Your comments will make it very cool to see what associations your drawing invokes in you.


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