How to Draw Life and Death Yin Yang

How to Draw Life and Death Yin Yang

Step one:

As always, we’ll begin with drawing out the lines and shapes to make the structure for the two figures. They will look like wooden models.

Step two:

The second step will begin by sketching out the outline of the human being, which is female, however you can change the idea and make it male if you want. Draw the outline of the face, as well as the jawline, the eye and a portion of the neck, and finally the ear.

Step three:

This step will include details to the horns that are sinister and define her face that is dying. This is a must for the neck, the ear, and eye.

Step four:

The next step is to draw the arms of each figure as they become interspersed in subsequent steps. Draw the arm with the hand gripping the arm. Then, begin drawing the hair strands.

Step five:

Now draw the back of the body which isn’t covered by hair or smoke and the other hand/arm just under the female form. After that, you are able to draw the devil’s foot and tail.

Step six:

Then we will draw an angel’s face later. The same way we created the girl’s profile, we will draw her face. The long greek-like locks to his hair, and then add details in the shape of his face.

Step seven:

Begin sketching the angel’s extremely toned body beginning with shoulders, torso , and the arm. Draw the hand first, then draw with the two arms that are interlocked. Incorporate the muscles along the stomach, and add the body’s shape and also.

Step eight:

Finish the body of the angel, and once you are done, you can begin the process of drawing the wings of the angel.

Step nine:

This is where you can finish the wings , and enhance the detail and clarity by drawing the feathers’ layers.’

Step ten:

The bed, or the base of the ground , go ahead drawing large leaf shapes when they are spread out over the ground. After that, draw a separation line through the middle of both figures, which is the source of the yin-yang. The line must be strong as well as thick and covered with cracks.

Step eleven:

In the final step, you can draw the details and the definition of those huge fan leaves that are on the ground. Once you’ve finished, you can erase your mistakes, as well as the guide lines visible.

Step twelve:

Once you’re done, your drawing, it will appear exactly like the image you see here. The drawing is waiting to be color and then brought to life.

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