How to draw LIAM PAYNE from ONE DIRECTION Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Westie Step by Step || Dog Drawing

Step 1

Draw an oval using an HB pencil or #2. Be sure to draw it exactly as you see in the illustration.

Step 2

Draw an red bisector to draw a balance between the facial contours.

Step 3

Lightly draw the red crescent lines to mark the hairline and the head block.

Step 4

It is possible to draw lines a. for eyebrows for eyebrows, for eyebrows. for eyes for eyes, for eyes. on the nasal area and to draw a. in the direction of the mouth and for the mouth. for the shoulder position.

Step 5

Draw Liam’s eyebrows, and eyes.

Step 6

Examine the way Liam’s facial features appear with respect to the fundamentals. Draw his smile line, and mouth.

Step 7

Pay attention to how Liam’s facial contours jawline as well as his chin and eyes are connected to the basic principles. If you draw your drawing, you’ll get more precise drawings.

Step 8

When you outline your hair, you can add hairlines and curly sections. Also, use short curls for the bangs. Keep your hair in line with the lines that define the direction and curls. This will help when shading it.

Step 9

Then draw his shoulders and collar. If you don’t, you may remove the rule.

Step 10

This line drawing was created specifically for you if do not want to perform the shading and blending in pencil. If not, we’ll proceed with the pencil drawing.

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