Hello! In this drawing class, we will teach you the art of drawing one of the team members from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. In this lesson, we’ll draw a team leader, Leonardo. We have to admit that we’ve thought for some time about who would make the initial turtle featured on our website because all turtles have their own distinct persona and personality. Rafael is always funny, and a con artist, Donatello – the inventor and scientist of the group, Leonardo is the undisputed leader as well as Michelangelo is the good guy, and the biggest pizza fanatic. As you will see, we’ve chosen to begin with Leonardo in part because Leonardo is the most famous after Splinter. We’ll draw a complicated and precise model of Leonardo. Let’s begin drawing lessons and discover what it takes to draw Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Step 1
Let’s begin with the stickman. Our Leonardo isn’t exactly typical as his head is larger than the human head (and is also a different, more flattened form) The proportions of his body are typical for the muscular, tall man, with low growth.

Another aspect of the image is the pose that the person is in. It is important to note that their posture of Leonardo is in stark contrast to the pose in poses of Superman as well as Batman from earlier drawing classes, which is quite complex.

Step 2
Mark his head Leonardo. Create a horizontal line that reflects the facial symmetry, and then trace the horizontal lines of the eye, bandages, and mouth. The author of this piece has not realized the significance of masks that symbolize eye bandages However, the turtle’s Zorro as well as the Beagle Boys know better.

Step 3
Let us now bring out the volume of Leonardo. We draw the outline of the body’s contours and draw huge, heavy muscles of the arms. in fact, the entire hand of Leonardo from this angle is divided into four sections (top from bottom):

Shoulder (the largest part of the shoulder, a strong ball-shaped deltoid muscles);
Biceps (on the left side of us, we only see the Biceps, while on the right-hand side we see triceps and biceps);
Forearm (
Hand (with three fingers that are similar to cylinders for each hand);
Do the final step and draw the outline of the katana.

Step 4
Perform the same steps similar to the first step, but with the lower body and legs. It is more easily if you draw the body parts in the shape of geometric shapes.

The groin is the shape of a triangle
Legs in the form of cylindrical;
Knees that are in the form of circles.

Step 5
The outline of Leonardo is done, let’s begin adding details. We’ll start by focusing on the head, then and then move into the foot. The face is the nose, eyes, and mouth, as you see, is quite simple and actually marked by two lines. Make sure to add some folds on your mask to make it look like a Ninja.

Step 6
This is a very brief stage It is where there are sheaths for swords, the muscles of the neck as well as the upper portion of the shell. On the left side of us, we also draw the upper portion of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. Create many folds on your mask. Creating fluttering edges on the mask tear and disintegrate is an important aspect.

Step 7
Make the right hand as Leonardo. In general, you just need to draw the muscles in circles, then delete any extra guidance and add more details. Be aware of the forearm muscles They are extremely tense due to the fact that Leonardo’s hand Leonardo squeezes tightly the blade’s hilt. Then draw the strap made of fabric that is placed at the wrist. Draw lines on the fingers, and include details on the sword. Be aware that there are several lines on the hands.

Step 8
In this short step, we draw the body’s torso. It is identical to human abdominal muscles that are frontal “blocks” however, it’s extended over the entire area of the chest and abdomen.

Step 9
Then, a little more complex drawing with the left hand. Draw the contours of the back biceps. contours of forearms, and fingers that grip the hilt of the sword. The elbow and wrist draw bandages and then place in the areas where the folds of the fabric, as shown in our sample. Don’t forget the fingers. They’re located in the same way as the fingers of the left hand, with just a slightly different angle. In addition, there is one important thing to remember is that the fingers of turtles must be larger and heftier than the fingers of an average person.

Step 10
Draw the lower torso, waist, and left leg. Draw a circle around the leg. strong thigh muscles. Also, draw to form the muscles in the calf (because from the perspective, it’s drawn as the shape of an oval). Next, mark the two fingers on the foot. Finally, trace the tendon using various lines. Make a bandage around the knee region and include some folds similar to our illustration. Draw the lower portion of the torso into the shape of a triangular plate. Draw the belt and wrap it with folds of fabric.

Step 11
Repetition the same sequence but this time, on the right side of Leonardo. It is important to note that we are looking at what’s inside the thigh. similar to the step the muscles in the thigh are tight, which is why it is essential to draw clear, assured lines. In addition, we must mark the muscle groups of our calf. unlike the previous step where they are seen by the sides. While drawing your foot, remember not to draw the ankles and tendons, tendons, and knuckles.

Step 12
Remained in the final step – the application of shadows. In this case, we’ll use shadows that resemble comics. They are dense and coarse, placed over vast areas. In addition, it is better drawn in two steps The first step is to trace the contours of shadows, and then we paint the shadows’ areas.

This was a drawing class that focused on drawing Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was created for your benefit of you through

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