How To Draw Lenalee

How To Draw Lenalee

Step one:

Begin by drawing two figures for the head, one for the neck and the other for the body. Draw the facial guidelines also.

Step two:

Draw the outline of your face as follows you can sketch out a portion of her hair that is the pointed bangs and the sides of her hair.

Step three:

We’ll begin by drawing the forms of the eyes. We will then draw the eyebrows, nose , and mouth.

Step four:

Let’s create her neck shape Then draw the collar’s high stiffness as well as the shoulders the torso, breast, and shoulders.

Step five:

Continue to draw the contour of her upper part of her body. This is also completed by the back, breasts, as well as a few of her hips. Put the trim on her shirt or jacket before moving on to the sixth step.

Step six:

Continue drawing her hair, drawing an individual ponytail using her hairstyle pigtail. The hair should be thick and long.

Step seven:

Draw her ponytail in the other Then you’re done drawing Lenalee’s hair.

Step eight:

To complete Lenalee off, draw the patches and arms on her sleeves. Put a button on it to complete the look. Eliminate the guides and mistakes.

Step nine:

Here’s the line art after you’re finished. Colour her up and then show everyone whom you’ve drawn.

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