How to draw legs -

How to draw legs

How to draw legs

The leg is a very important part of the body. It makes up half of your body. It’s important to draw the leg correctly because it gives your character a solid base.

The leg is the part of your body that stands on the ground. It’s like a pillar that holds up the rest of your body. The leg is also very important for your character to move around. If your character doesn’t have legs, they can’t move around. So, the leg is very important for your character to move around.

How to create Leg

To draw a cartoon person, start with a straight line. The line doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make sure you leave room on your paper for the rest of the body.
For the top and bottom of the line, cut out a little notch. The top notch is the hip and the bottom notch is the ankle.
Measure halfway down the line and cut out another notch. This is the knee.

Importance Of leg

The leg is an important part of the human body. The leg is made up of four bones and lots of muscles. It helps us to walk and run. The knee, hip and ankle joints allow us to bend and twist our legs. We can do lots of things with our legs like run, jump, swim, ride a bike and so on.

Once you have the box shape on your paper, you can start to add some detail. You can start to make the inside of the box into an oval shape. You can make the top part of the oval bigger than the bottom part. This will make the knee. You can make another oval shape that will go past the hip. This will make the thigh. And you can make a smaller oval shape that will go just below the knee. This will make the calf.

Material To draw Leg

  • Pen / Pencil or Brush
  • Paper or Drawing Board
  • Color If you want to use in you in you leg drawing
  • Chair for comfortable work
  • Time Taken

Images Of leg drawing In different angle



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