Welcome to 3dvkarts! We continue the theme of fantasy today and show you how to draw Legolas.

Step 1
With a bow and an arrow, our Legolas is in a standard position. Draw the head as a regular oval. Draw the lines of symmetry for the face. Next, draw the spine, arms, and legs. Make sure the lines are smooth and light.

Step 2
Let’s now add volume to our Elf Archer. The trunk should be drawn first, followed by the neck. Draw legs and arms in the shape of elongated cylindrical. Shoulders and knees should be drawn in circles.

Step 3
Let’s add details to our Legolas. Draw the eyes along the horizontal line. Next, draw the nose and mouth. Draw the hair and the ear.

Step 4
Continue drawing the face. This is a very easy step. The pupils should be drawn inside the eyes. All unnecessary lines should be removed from the face. Cleanse the lines of your face.

Step 5
This step will finish the drawing of the face. Draw the hair using short lines. As in the example, make the ear as sharp as possible and then add lines to the ear.

Step 6
Draw the Legolas’ from the arm carefully. Make sure you have all the folds in the fabric. Draw the bracer, the fist, and where we will draw the bow in the future.

Step 7
Draw the arms. Next, draw the rear arm. Draw the hand with an arrow in your hand.

Step 8
Add some folds to the visible portion of the torso. Draw a quiver and arrows in it on the back. Draw the bow using very smooth lines.

Step 9
Although this seems complicated, it’s not. Take off the clothes that hang from the belt. Next, tie the pants tight and add wrinkles to your example. The boots should be pulled out with folds at the ankles.

Step 10
Here, we’ll add shadows to the Legolas. These shadows are realistically drawn. Draw the shadow outlines using very light lines. Then, add shadows to the outline using very light hatching.

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