How To Draw Lego -

How To Draw Lego

How To Draw Lego

Drawing and Lego share one thing in common: they both encourage creativity and have fun.

There are endless possibilities when you have a blank sheet of paper or a large box of Legos in front of you.

The possibilities of combining the magic of Lego and drawing would be endless!

This is exactly what we’ll be doing as we learn to draw Lego.

You will be able unleash your creativity and create amazing art by the end of this tutorial!

This 6-step step-by-step guide will teach you how to draw Lego.

1st Step:

This is the first step in our guide to drawing Lego. We will start by drawing the beginning of the first brick.

The Lego bricks are simple and effective in design. It can be more difficult to draw than you might think.

You will find it much easier to follow this guide if you have a ruler handy. There will be many straight lines in the image.

This is how you can start by drawing two rectangle shapes that are attached to each other. The left one will be longer than the right one.

It is important that these rectangles are placed at an angle to create the 3D effect.

We can then move on to step 2 in the guide!

2nd Step:

Lego is about connecting bricks together. We will add one brick to your Lego drawing that was started with the brick you were using in the first section.

You can place a square shape on top of the center of the second piece to begin the third. The angle of the square is important again. Refer to the reference image for guidance.

Next, draw some round pegs to connect the pieces. These will have an oval-shaped top with small lines that run down from it.

These pegs will always be equal and only three will be visible at this angle.

3rd Step:

The small square piece that you started in can be completed by following this guide. Simply add more round pegs on top of the square piece.

There will now be four. Next, draw straight lines to the sides of your piece.

Next, draw another square piece that is located near the others. You can then draw another square piece at the same angle to the first square piece.

4th Step:

The final piece of the Lego drawing will be done a bit differently. This one will stand upright and be rectangular.

You can start this one by drawing eight circular pegs upright, in the same manner as in our reference image.

In the next step, we will finish the outline and add some final touches.

5th Step:

You will finish the last elements of the blocks in this step of . Refer to our guide on how LEGO is drawn. Draw a rectangle around the circles you have drawn in the previous step.

Next, draw the edges. Your arrangement of Lego pieces will be complete.

You can add ideas and elements to your image before you move on.

Now that you are able to draw them, you can add more pieces to make amazing Lego structures.

What Lego creations would you create with these pieces of Lego?

6th Step:

Anybody who has ever used Lego in any capacity will know that there are many colors to choose from

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