How to Draw Leaves On a Tree Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw a Pirate Ship Step by Step

In the initial step of our guide on drawing leaves on a plant, we will not sketch any leaves.

But not yet! Instead, we’ll draw some branches as well as some branches that will have leaves connected.

For this, draw a line of curves, which will then begin to create the branches.

The left line won’t break as a curve. However, on the right side you are able to draw the shape of a tiny protruding stick like the one in the images of reference.

Once you’ve drawn your portion, we can continue to add it in the following steps!

Step 2: Next Draw some more branches
In the second section of your leaf in the tree, we’ll follow the steps you took in the first step to make the branch longer.

The branch will be an extended central section, with numerous smaller branches emerging from the middle.

In our example it may appear complicated, but if keep it simple, you’ll be able to duplicate the style and look of our illustration.

Step 3: Now begin drawing some leaves as well as more branches.
This tutorial is for you for drawing some leaves. you’ll draw the first one in this section after our instructional video on drawing leaves on the tree!

It is possible to draw the beginning leaf to the right side of the branch in the initial step. Once you’ve drawn that leaf, you are able to extend the branch behind it and further from the main branch.

The small branch that is behind the leaf may be a couple of small branches emerging from it.

Step 4: Next Draw some leaves
The leaf portion drawn on the tree is where you add more leaves to your picture!

This step are adding leaves to the majority of the branches you sketched in the previous few steps.

In this step, you will add 6 new leaves during this step After you have done that the leaves, they will appear like they are a lot more full!

Step 5 – Remove the leaves remaining on the branch.
You can draw the entire leaves of this tree in the fifth part of our draw leaves on the tree tutorial.

These leaves will be attached to the branches that are left that are on your branch. To make a total, include 7 cards so that they match the images of reference.

After you’ve completed all the leaves and drawn all the leaves, there are a few details to draw!

Step 6 – Then Draw the final leaf’s details
You’ve accomplished a fantastic job drawing the branches and leaves and now in the final part of your tree drawing , you can add a few final specifics.

The details are mainly comprised of multiple veins that are on each leaf. To accomplish this, draw a line that runs through each leaf. Then, numerous smaller lines emerge from this middle line.

This is the case for all of our information, but please you are welcome to include any extra details or elements from yours!

You can draw tiny flowers on the branches or make lines on the branches to add some woody texture.

How do you complete this drawing prior to the coloring stage is complete!

Step 7: Now, you can finish your tree’s leaves drawing using some colors
You are now at the seventh step in this drawing the tree tutorial. This is about showing your creativity using beautiful colors to draw.

Like you see on our image reference we chose to use the simple, but attractive combination of green and brown.

You can pick this style to draw your own designs, however, there are many different options you can choose as well!

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