How To Draw Lara Croft || Cartoon Girl Drawing

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Begin the first step by sketching out circles and guides to create the solid Lara Croft frame. Beginning at the top of the frame make an egg form for the head. Draw an outline it according to the guidelines for her face. Then, draw a flirty large square to form her body. Once you’ve drawn the shape of this person, begin drawing the guidelines for legs, feet and arms.

Step 2

What you’ll do is draw the form of her body curving. Starting at the topof the body, draw her arms and shoulders followed by her hips and waist. Then, draw the outline of her legs that look perfect as well as all the accessories like leg straps and leg weapons. Then, scroll down to draw the contours of her boots, including the contours of her socks. When your drawing is similar to the image above, you’re now ready to move to your next stage.

Step 3

In the third step in this guide, draw Lara Croft’s face as well as her outfit. Starting from her top (as always) sketch out the outline and location of her hair. divided in the middle, with curls falling down the sides. Then draw out the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose. Then, move to the lower part of her face and draw the lining of her shirt and straps , which will be put under her pit and sat just above her shoulders. Draw the rest of the lines for her hands and arms and draw guns on the left side of her hip, and that utility for her hip. Scroll down to draw out the details on her right boot , including the laces and sole.

Step 4

This is the step to sketch out the hair’s outline and then draw her eyes more. Scroll down to sketch out the details on her shirt to the bottom and then draw the rest the accessories in her belt. Finish this step by drawing the details on her left boot in the similar way as for the left boot. Eliminate all the basic principles and circles that you sketched in step 1.

Step 5

Here’s how your final Lara Croft will look like after you’re done. The only thing you have to do is color her as you would do with your sketches. This should conclude this guide of drawing Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I hope that you have fun by following this simple tutorial.

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