How To Draw Lady Gaga Step by Step -

How To Draw Lady Gaga Step by Step

How To Draw Lady Gaga Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Ninjago Step by Step

Step 1

For drawing Lady Gaga, start with the head of her in a circle and then draw facial contours as you can see here.

Step 2
Then, you’ll begin to outline the contour of her eyes like you can see in this picture and then you can add her long eyelashes. After that, you will be able to draw a sketch of her nose and then the upper lip shape.

Step 3
As you may have guessed, Lady Gaga has a thick bangs. Start by sketching out the bangs that hang above her eyebrows. Make sure to outline lightly the bangs to give them a more full appearance. After that, you will outline her eyes, including the shape of her eyes, eyeballs, and finally colour the pupils. Draw Lady Gaga’s face and then draw the outline of her ear and the rest of her mouth.

Step 4
Now, begin drawing on her teeth. You will then sketch out the inside of her ear. Then, sketch lightning onto her cheeks on the left before tracing her thick hair. After that, you are able to move onto the next stage.

Step 5
In the final drawing step you’ll add some shades to Lady Gaga’s features, such as beneath her hair, above her ears, at the top on her nose as well as also above her lips. Draw out and define her hairstyle in a way that it appears authentic as well as soft and thick. Remove all visible lines you sketched in step 1 on the top of your drawing, and then wipe it clear.

Step 6
After you’ve finished the tutorial for “how to draw Lady Gaga” will be the exact same like the one you’ve seen here. If you’d like to color her, just do it and then you’re done. We hope you enjoyed this lesson about Lady Gaga.

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