It’s time for anime cartoon characters to be drawn, isn’t it? We’ve had our eyes on this for a long time too. Today we will show our readers the drawing technique for Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke. You may have heard that this anime film is one of the most acclaimed masterpieces drawn by Hayao Miyazaki.

Step 1

We begin by drawing our stickman (in this case, it’s a stick woman). Draw a typical female figure, similar to the very first stage that we covered in the draw-along tutorial. The most important thing to consider when drawing female figures is the correct equilibrium between the pelvis and shoulders. Shoulders should not be larger over the pelvic area.

Step 2

In this stage, we will continue working on Lady Eboshi’s model. The next step is to draw silhouettes based on lines drawn in earlier steps. Everything we have to perform is similar to those in the second part of the lesson on drawing Avatar Korra.

Step 3

Then, let’s add the primary particulars of the Lady Eboshi sketch. Begin by sketching out the features of the face by drawing simple lines. Then create an elongated hairstyle. This is obviously not a true bob cut but at this stage, the shape is similar to that.

After that, you can sketch out a loose, wide suit. There are a lot of lines during this stage and you may believe that it’s a lot of work. It’s not an effort by drawing in stages, starting with the shoulders before proceeding toward the legs.

Step 4

Let’s begin to work on our finalizations. Draw the hairstyle carefully that we will call Lady Eboshi. With smooth, precise lines, draw the nose, eyes, and lips. Draw the contours of the face using a chin that is narrowing.

Step 5

We are unable to draw the right hand for our character. In this way, we just draw the left hand. Draw large loose sleeves that hang over the arm forearm. Make sure to draw the collar as well as the design in the material of the sleeves. The toughest part of this procedure is drawing the fist. Read this article about drawing your palms and fists in order to make the process simpler for you.

Step 6

By drawing straight lines, draw the clothes that look like skating. Katarina is a unique Samurai-style dress – you can find skating in the following drawing lesson. Draw a belt placed on her waist. After the lesson makes some folds on the fabric. Then, erase all guides.

Step 7

In the previous steps, we drew the upper section of Lady Eboshi In this section, we will draw the lower portion of her body. In this step, we need to sketch out the lines of the wide loose pants using the aid of lines that are smooth. We also draw the legs wearing traditional shoes and eliminate all unnecessary guidelines from the picture.

Step 8

The only thing we need to do is create a picture that is more detailed and real. To achieve this, we’ll create shadows using the traditional hatching technique. As you can observe, the hatching occurs in the darkest regions of the body of the character which is in areas where light doesn’t fall.

How to draw Lady Eboshi

This was a drawing tutorial in which we taught how to draw the famous anime character Lady Eboshi, from the anime character Princess Mononoke. We’ll be creating additional drawing tutorials for anime in the next few days. If you’re an anime lover, do not forget to leave a comment about it in your comments. Goodbye!

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