How to Draw Kylo Ren, Kylo Ren Star Wars VII

How to Draw Kylo Ren, Kylo Ren Star Wars VII

Step one:

The first step is to learn some simple shapes, lines and shapes we will use as drawing guidelines. Start by creating an elongated circle to form the head or face guide shape. Then draw a cone-like shape and connect it to all the distance of your mask. Then, draw the lines to the arm.

Step two:

The shape of the mask that flattens out at the bottom. After that, draw around the eyes. Finally, draw the crease lines so that they are laid over each other as shown here.

Step three:

In lieu of drawing a head , we’ll draw the hood that will be used for the cloak Kylo Ren is wearing. Begin at the top, and work your way down. This should be a lengthy loose hood that forms part of the baggy jacket that he wears.

Step four:

Then sketch in a portion of the torso’s shape, then draw the hands and arms that are placed in front of his body. The pose is in this manner since the man is holding his lightsaber. The design can be added to arms or sleeves as shown and make sure you draw your hands in the same way as you see them in this picture.

Step five:

The sketch will show wrinkles to create the shape of the garment Kylo Ren wears. The wrinkles can be seen across each side of her body and there is also a horizontal line running across the chest to create a separation between the upper part of your body as well as the torso.

Step six:

We now have to tackle the challenge of drawing Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Begin from the top and draw the grip or handle that is a narrow straight tube shape. It is then time to draw cross connector that will house two blades that are smaller from the sides in the same manner. Note that the blades of your lightsabers are not straight or even. Draw the width of your main blade and follow the next step.

Step seven:

We’ll finish sketching Kylo Ren by sketching the remainder of her body in the form of a lengthy shaggy Cloak. After the whole cloak has been drawn, you can apply the definition of the cloth. Eliminate the mistakes and guidelines you created in the first step.

Step eight:

Once you’re done, the sketch of Kylo Ren will look exactly like the drawing shown here. You can now color in Kylo Ren’s face Star Wars villain and show your work to other people.

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