How to Draw Kylo Ren from Star Wars

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Stephen Hawking

Begin the drawing process by drawing two shapes. One shape for the head guide and the other to draw your body’s contour. Draw in accordance with the directions for arms and face.

Step 2
Okay, the first thing to be drawn out is the horizontal line which runs across the canvas. This is the hood’s lining, as we will discuss in the future. After that sketch the shape of the face. of the mask or face.

Step 3.
Begin drawing faces since the appearance of the eyes are one of the face features that are part of the helmet. Draw a concave or contour shape at the center of the face, just above the eyebrows. Next, draw a few lines that are detailed across to the sides of your helmet or mask.

Step 4
We will draw some definitions , such as the dash line that runs along the forehead, and the contour lines running through between the forehead. Create a venting space that resembles the nose, and then include some additional details to help define the helmet from the remainder of the face.

Step 5
Paint the hood to make it look as if it’s the exact cape design of Kylo’s clothing. Paint in details, and move on to the next step.

Step 6
The only thing you have to do is draw your arms, the gloves and then draw the rest of the body form.

Step 7
Let’s complete our arms and add sleeves details. Draw the hand and stroke it on the glove. Paint the hand in chibi, in a saber-like style, and then embellish the lightsaber with details.

Step 8
Lastly Draw the dress Kylo wears and the remainder of the cape cape form. Make sure to include the belt. Clean up the mistakes and follow-up instructions and you’re done.

Step 9
This drawing was created by Chibi Kylo Ren. Color his drawings to complete the whole.

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