How To Draw Kylie Jenner with Pencil

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw Chimera Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing a guide design for the head. then outline it according to the neck and face guidelines.

Step 2
Then we’ll draw the curls flowing across her eyebrows and forehead and the curls that flow at the end. With the help of the head/face guideline sketch out the facial shape.

Step 3
We will now work on creating the hairstyle, as well as the shape that her head formed from her hair. Once you’re done you can draw the design across her left shoulder in the same way the picture below.

Step 4
Make sure to add details to Kylie’s hair, then make Kylie’s neck.

Step 5
All you have do is trace lines across the lid.

Step 6
Finish drawing Kylie’s gorgeous eyes. You’ll need to add lashes and then draw the well-shaped eyebrows. Color your eyebrows, and then move on to step eight.

Step 7
You will now draw the nose. It should be soft and small in appearance.

Step 8
Then, draw your lips or mouth so that they appear full and full. All you need to do now that you’ve completed Kylie Jenner’s drawing lesson.

Step 9
This is the entire sketch without any instructions. It is your choice to add shading to the sketch.

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