Hello, dear artists. You probably have guessed, we enjoy South Park. It is possibly the most absurd comedy that we have ever seen. We want to draw every single character from this cartoon series. Therefore, let’s begin by learning to draw Kyle Broflovski.

Step 1
You may have observed that those characters in South Park drew the same method. Therefore, the first thing to draw is a head shape as the shape of a circle. Then create two lines that connect slightly below the middle of the circle.

Step 2
Sketch out the trapezoidal body, legs, and feet. Be aware that the length of the torso’s height is nearly equal to the size of your head.

Step 3
For the sides and torso, sketch out arms with a simple. Sketch out those round fingers. Remember to draw your thumbs as circles.

Step 4
By tracing intersecting lines in the initial step, create oval-shaped eyes. Make sure that the eyes meet on top. Just a bit lower, draw the mouth in a curved position.

Step 5
We now draw the Hat. First, create a square upper section. Then draw the frontal portion and the ear flaps.

Step 6
With a long, curved line, draw the collar. On the chest, next, draw a vertical seam as well as pocket squares.

Step 7
The final stage of the course on drawing Kyle Broflovski is in which we need to erase all of the other lines on the head and torso.

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