Hey, all lovers of Mortal Kombat. We draw a lot of characters from the Mortal Kombat universe. On our website, you know drawing Sub-Zero, Raiden, Goro, and many more characters. We are now learning how to draw the champion of the event Mortal Kombat, the first mortal to defeat Shang Tsung and Kung Lao.

Step 1
A tutorial on drawing Kung Lao we start like every other time – picking a pose that the actor is in. In this case, Kung Lao is in the classic pose that he is known for however, you could obviously pick any alternative. The head is the first thing to draw and draw it in a shape that resembles an oval. Then we move on to the neck as well as the spine, arms, and legs which are drawn with simple lines. Then, draw the lines of the face.

Step 2
In the next step, we will add volume to the form in Kung Lao. Begin with the neck, in the form of a cylinder. Draw a torso that is narrowed to the waist. When you get to the shoulders and draw it in the form of circles. Then, draw arms that are made that are elongated, modified cylindrical shapes. Draw the pelvis as well as the legs, which are drawn the same way as the arms. The hands are drawn out and the feet before moving to the next step.

Step 3
In this stage, we put some elements to the head of Kung Lao. We will begin with the iconic pointed hat that our hero wears. We first draw the upper part of the hat in the shape of a semicircle. Next, make the crown of the hat. On the horizontal line, sketch the eyes. On the vertical line, draw the nose. Below the nose, draw the mouth. We join the lower part of the face to give it a more natural look. Draw out the hair and ears.

Step 4
This is where we draw Kung Lao’s head. Kung Lao. Remove the rules from the head. Draw those lines on the top of your head as well as the face. Make sure to draw lines around the nose, eyes jaw, and mouth. By drawing long lines and curving them, draw hair. Draw the eyebrows, and make a few wrinkles in the nose and eyes.

Step 5
We will now incorporate some details and components of clothing. Begin by drawing two strips that go through the shoulders before going into the belt. The item of clothing was a samurai-inspired item. Draw the belt and bracers. Draw the outline of the pants that are wide, hanging clothing items at the waist, and the Shin protectors.

Step 6
We are getting closer to the final part of the class on drawing Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat. Remove the torso’s guides. Mark all the lines on the clothing on the body. Draw pectorals that are largely under the clothing. Draw lines across the pectorals, and draw out abdominal muscles.

Step 7
Draw lines on the muscles. Draw tiny lines of deltoids, forearms, and biceps. Be careful to sketch the hand as well as the fingers. If you observe, the drawing is Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat 3 however, you can draw the character from any other movie and his appearance has changed slightly from part to part.

Step 8
In the last step, we sketch the leg. Like in the previous two steps, we erase the guides. Draw the lines of the clothes that are hanging beneath the belt. Draw the pants focusing on the curvatures and folds of the fabric. Then draw the feet and shin protectors.

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