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How to Draw Kunai Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Easy anime girl Drawing so cute Step by Step

Step 1: Draw the Kunai’s Blade

Draw a vertical line to begin the drawing. This is to make sure your drawing is straight. It also makes it easier to see if your Kunai is symmetrical.

The blade should be drawn towards the end. You can do it as shown in the following example.

If you wish, you can draw the kunai at an angle.

Step 2: Outline processing

You can add the handle by raising your blade. Although it has a circular shape, the handle will appear as a long rectangle when viewed from this angle. You can draw it with straight lines along its bottom and sides, but the handle’s top (backside) should be slightly curved upwards.

The handle will be thinner than the blade of a knife or dagger.

Step 3 – Draw your ring

Add a loop to your handle. Draw an outer circle connecting each side. Next, draw a smaller inner circular.

This step should be completed.

Step 4 – Display the blade edges

Now you can erase the center line from step 1, along with the handle, ring, and the handle. Now, you can draw two lines starting at the top and ending at the corners. This will reveal sharp edges.

Step 5: Draw your Handle Wrap and Finish Line Drawing

Run along the handle to wrap it. These lines can be drawn in a series perpendicular lines with a straight line at their ends.

Step 6 – Apply color

Manga and anime can show metal parts of the kunai in different colors depending on who is creating them. They can also be painted black.

The blade will then be solid grey. You can make the ring the same color as your blade but leave some reflective white curves. Lighten the handle by adding a little brown or gray.

Step 7 – Add Shadows

In the previous example, the kunai bars look flat and unadorned. This can be fixed by adding some basic shadows to it.

The shadow will appear as though the light is coming from the top left. This will mean that the light source is in the lower left portion of the blade (no ghosting).

The lower left and upper right can be painted with a darker grey. Because it faces away from the sun the area to the right of the top will be darkest. This area can be darkened. You can shade the right side of your handle.

A reflective gloss can be applied depending on the luster and color of the kunai. A darker reflection (or one that is less bright) will make metal look duller. If you are drawing one for Ninja, this is something you might consider. When sneaking into darkness, they won’t want bright objects to draw attention.

Here’s an example of the same kunaistick, but drawn at an angle. Again, the shaded area is drawn as if it were the light source at the upper left. Because the object is in a different position, the shading might be slightly different. This will make the left (basic) side of the kunai darker and the right (darkest).

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