How to Draw Kristoff from Frozen Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Tarzan Step by Step

Draw the outline of the head and outline it following the guidelines of the face. After that you can draw the shoulder and neck lines, which connects the head with the shoulders.

Step 2

Draw the outline of the face using the form of a 3/4 view. Draw his cheekbonesand draw a few of his ears that are sticking out of Kristoff’s long hair. Draw along the hairline, and then move to step 3.

Step 3

Kristoff has a serious look to his face. Therefore, ensure that you draw his broad eyebrows long and straight. Draw his nose like Aladdin’s and then draw eye-shaped designs.

Step 4

Draw a different hairstyle for Kristoff. The next time, you’ll notice the hair’s waves. Fill the pupil, and then draw the lower lip and mouth in the same way as shown here. Include some details on the face.

Step 5

Create a cup or bowl-shaped hat. make a bun that is puffy over it. Draw all the details of the hair.

Step 6

Then, draw the form of his neck. Then trace the neckline of the jacket. Create a neckline at the neck’s bottom and then create the neckline of your jacket upwards. Then, add the shoulders that are wide and draw the center line of the zipper.

Step 7

To draw the final stage, all you need to do is draw the outline around the hem the hem of the jacket stitch as well as a few strokes on shoulders. Make sure you erase your mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step 8

Here’s Kristoff’s completed drawing after you’re finished. Color your sketch and then process another one.

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