Today, we’ll sketch one of the more enthralling villains of Marvel’s Marvel Universe – the Kraven the Hunter. Sergei Kravinoff is a manic-minded hunter who is determined to take on Spider-Man to try to prove that he’s the most skilled hunter on earth. So, let’s get started on our lesson on drawing Kraven the Hunter.

Step 1
We’ll start with the Skeletal structure. With normal lines, sketch out the legs and arms. Remember that during the initial steps it is important to use thin lines, in order that later on, it will be simple to erase the lines.

Step 2
Draw out the lines that intersect on the head. This will assist us in drawing faces. After that, using the help of light lines, sketch out the body. Additionally, by using those same lines of light as well as simple geometric figures, sketch the legs and arms. This is drawn using very delicate lines.

Step 3
Let’s sketch the major elements. Sketch the particulars of the face by making use of intersecting lines drawn in prior steps. Then sketch out the hair on the shoulders, as well as the specifics on the dress. Keep in mind that you don’t have to draw every line when you first begin. The first step is to sketch the basic outline for our characters.

Step 4
In the beginning, we’ll use black and white lines to draw the head of our Kraven The Hunter. By using these lines, draw out the head. After that, draw out the nose, eyes, and mouth, with teeth clenched. Make sure to draw a distinctive mustache and wrinkles on the face.

Step 5
Let’s now look at the body of our lovable villain. Draw the outline of the lion’s face onto the body. With long and curly lines create an extended mane over the shoulders. Draw out the outline of the muscles underneath the costume.

Step 6
We now need to shift towards the arms. Draw them in straight lines, as illustrated in our illustration. If drawing the arms, think about the wrinkles and muscles. Be cautious when drawing the hands with clenched fingers. For more information on this, take a look at the video on drawing hands.

Step 7
Let’s now look at the legs and legs of Kraven The Hunter. Take your time drawing out the outlines of the legs of our character considering all the lines of the joints and muscles as we can see in our example. Make sure that you erase any unnecessary lines and draw the shoes and belt with spikes.

Step 8
In the final stage of drawing lessons on comic book characters, we usually include shadows. Naturally, this lesson is not a one-off. In the beginning, we paint the mustache and hair of Sergei Kravinoff. Next, we draw marks on the pants as well as bands on the bracers. Then, at the very end, you draw shadows with thick hatching, or as we did in our discussion about Spider-Man by using shadows that are dark and in contrast.

The course on drawing Kraven the Hunter is completed, and we hope you found it interesting and useful for you. Don’t forget that your feedback is important to us, so please submit your comments or thoughts in the comments on this article or on our social media networks.


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