A brand new drawing tutorial on drawing Kratos is already available is available on You may have guessed that this is the main character of Kratos, the God of War. We are aware that on there are very few tutorials on gaming characters in the video. We are trying to address this issue. Let’s get started with this drawing tutorial to learn what it takes to draw Kratos in God of War!

Step 1
For our character to appear real and smooth first thing we have to take draws an image of a stickman. The stickman will form the base of our future Kratos drawing. Start by drawing the head and then draw it as the shape of a coffee bean. Then draw the spine in simple lines. Along the lines of the spine, draw the pelvis and the chest.

Step 2
In this next step, we’ll add some “flesh” to this stickman. The first step is to draw from an axis of facial symmetry. Then, draw a strong neck and torso that is shortened to the waist. We then sketch arms which are depicted by simple shapes. Then, we go down a little and draw the legs and pelvis.

Step 3
It’s time to play with the finer details in our drawing. With clear and dark lines, draw the eyes by drawing frowning eyebrows. Next, draw a mustache, nose beard, mouth, and. In this stage, you sketch the outline for the armor. Remember that you draw an axe.

Step 4
It’s a simple step. We will erase the contour of the chin and draw facial features, and then tattoo them on the top of our heads. You can have a beautiful mouth when you gently erase the space in between the mustache as well as the beard. Your head Kratos must be as clear as you can from any excessive strokes and lines.

Step 5
The next step is to move on to Kratos’s torso. Kratos. Draw the neck gently. Then, move it a bit lower and draw the pectoral muscles. Then, draw the components of armor in the front of the body. After the step, take away all instructions from the torso.

Step 6
It’s time for you to draw your arms. The most difficult part of the arm is the palm. Two fists can be seen in this photo If you’d like to draw your hand well make sure to read an article on drawing hands. In this step, we draw the principal weapon of Kratos We are referring to the axe he uses most often.

Step 7
In this stage, you draw an item of clothing that will cover the pelvis. It is more practical that you design belts from the top to the bottom. Make sure that you draw armor to cover the shins.

Step 8
Let’s get started using shadows. The first step is to coat the armor with paint. We applied this by hatching, however, you can paint it solid black.

The instruction was on drawing Kratos of God of War. Do you want to learn new drawing instructions on video game characters?  Somehow or other contact us, as the staff of always reads your feedback and responds to a lot of them.

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