How to Draw Kratos from God of War

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Let’s begin the process by drawing the shapes and guides to create a dummy based on Kratos”frame. Make the shape of a small circular head, and then draw guides on his face. Once you’ve finished, outline the muscular torso. Make sure to draw straight lines on the chest as well as six-pack guides. Then, draw the half-circle of the arm, and then the leg’s outline as well as the shin’s parts.

Step 2
The next step you’ll draw the trapezius muscles of his body, i.e. the muscles that are above the collarbone. Once you’ve done that, draw the outline of his jaw and the left the ear. Make additional lines for his arms , and then begin sketching out the cut-off loincloth. Then, you can create the outline of his foot and shin as shown in the photo.

Step 3
After you’ve completed three steps, start to sketch out the outline of his face, including eyes and nose as well as his mouth. Then, you’ll sketch out his beard, and begin to sketch out the inner arm muscles. On the left forearm you’ll draw chains that run around all of the forearm. After that, you will draw the headlining for his blades. You can then give definition to the torso, as illustrated. Draw the definition of his thighs, and then begin to outline his toes.

Step 4
You’re on the fourth step and I’m sure it’s going to be a bit challenging at this point. Don’t fret as you’re getting close to finishing. What you’ll need to do first in this stage is to draw the face more precisely and then add strokes on his body, including the belly. Then, you can include his nipples, and then add an lining as a reference to the tattoo. The chain can be added to the left hand and complete the design that the sword is on the left hand. Look at the details of his loincloth and then the left foot and shin. When you leave you’ll also have to add more intricate designs to the blade to the right.

Step 5
Once you’ve completed step five , and you’re here, it’s time to finish with everything. The first step is to add loose chains to his left arm, then add more details to the blade, including his hands. Once you’re done you can draw the rest of Krato’s tattoos on his body. Then, add elaborate designs on his belt. Draw out and define the right side of his blade, and make creases on the loin cloth. Then, you will tie an elastic band around his lower leg, and then erase the guides and forms drawn in step one.

Step 6
When you’ve finished drawing, your Kratos will look as follows after everything has been taken care of. I was planning to upload sketches of Kratos however I decided this would be more appropriate. All you need to do is color Kratos and dress. I hope you have a wonderful time learning this step-by step drawing Kratos from the God of War tutorial.

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