In this course, we’ll demonstrate what to draw Kraken Kraken, the mythical sea monster of enormous size, also known as the cephalopod. described in the writings that are attributed to Icelandic sailors. Kraken is among the most well-known monsters which you can see in numerous films, books, and games. We have decided to create an easier version of the Kraken drawing. However, if you’d like to have a more complicated lesson, contact us about the drawing.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the head in the shape of an oval, and the tentacles that are in the shape of twisting lines.

Step 2
With clear and dark lines make sure you draw evil eyes that look like almonds.

Step 3
Utilizing the same lines of clear and dark, create a distinctive upper portion of Kraken’s head. Kraken.

Step 4
This is the hardest part of the course about drawing Kraken simple is to draw long, tangled tentacles.

Step 5
This is a bit easier. Here we draw lines in addition to the tentacles in order to make them appear more realistic.

Step 6
This is the final step where we draw shadows using dark and dense hatching.

Kraken is certainly a legendary monster, stories, and rumors about it continue to rage on even today. However, don’t ignore that on our website there are drawing lessons that are not solely on Kraken however, but also the countless other characters and monsters from mythology and fantasy.

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