We will continue to provide you with the fundamentals to draw characters in Tokyo Ghoul. In this drawing guide, we’ll teach you the art of drawing Koutarou Amon.

If you’re an anime enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the dark and stylish film. If you don’t like anime, you could draw male characters in business attire.

Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing the character of the stickman (actually the skeleton of a blank of the character that will be created in the future) from Koutarou Amon. We begin by drawing heads in the shape that of the shape of an oval (or an egg inverted). Then we draw an extended line that runs along the spine. Along the line, we draw the pelvis and chest. Then at the end of step one, we draw out the limbs by drawing the simplest lines.



Step 2

The thing is, it’s not too obvious that we draw an anime-style character, or is it? We’ll get to it in the future. This step will draw two lines that cross the outline that make up the face. This can be a useful guide for drawing the face.

After that, we sketch out the neck as a form of cylindrical shape. Connect the pelvis and the chest by using thin lines that define the body’s contours. After that, we can draw the arms and shoulders using simple geometric forms.


Step 3.

We’ll now work on the most basic aspects that make up the facial features. Begin by sketching the eyes, guided by the line that symmetry that was drawn during the next stage. Sketch the mouth and nose on an upward line. Then outline hairs on the head of Koutarou Amon as you can see in our photo. Also, in this step, we sketch the basic outline of the components of the traditional suit. The clothing should appear slimmer.


Step 4

With clear and dark lines, meticulously draw the jaw’s contours as well as the specifics that make up the faces. If you’d like to learn more about drawing anime faces, check out the following article. Next, draw out the hair’s contours and face. Once you have finished, you can erase all of the guidelines we’ve drawn on the head.


Step 5

Continue reading about drawing Koutarou Amon. Now it’s time to draw the specifics on the physique. In this stage, we will sketch the specifics that make up the traditional suit. Draw an outline of your jacket, shirt, and slim, elegant tie. Draw the folds using the help of short, neat lines.


Step 6

In this stage, we’ll sketch the sleeves and hems of the jacket. There are folds that are situated in the areas where compression and stretching occur in fabric (for instance, near Cubital Fossa). These folds resemble vertical or obliquely round short lines. Draw the visible portion that is visible to the eye.


Step 7

In this phase, we’ll sketch out what pants we will draw for our character from the anime. Similar to the previous step, here we must draw the pants’ contours with a steady hand while taking into consideration every fold in the cloth. Draw the lines of the shoe as well as the details. Take away all the other rules.


Step 8

The course on drawing Koutarou Amon has been completed We need to draw shadows. With light hatching, make shadows in which light doesn’t drop. It is possible to make specific parts of your costume darker based on your preferences. Remember that you are able to add additional layers of hatching. This can make your drawing appear more natural.


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We have already mentioned that this technique can also be used to draw a normal man, for example, even an agent for insurance. It is true that the proportions of characters in anime are not that different from those of a normal person. It is also possible to alter the look of the character by “dressing” him in other clothing or drawing his face from the opposite angle or with an entirely different posture.


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