How To Draw Koopa Troopa Step by Step -

How To Draw Koopa Troopa Step by Step

How To Draw Koopa Troopa Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Draw a circle to make the Koopa Army. For the head there is one, another for the nose, and another that is for your body. Draw the hump-like shapes for the eyes, and then draw the leg and arm lines.

Step 2
After that after that, draw the lines that are inside the eyes. Then sketch the shape of the nose to represent Koopa. Draw the nostrils, and after that, the faces sides. Draw the backlining of the shell, and then begin drawing the tail and arms.

Step 3
You can observe, when this step is finished the Koopa will look similar to the one shown here. Complete the face liner, before drawing out the design of your turtle’s shell. Sketch the neck and collar as well as hands and arms.

Step 4
So, take a look at this show while on the move. Draw horizontal lines across the belly, then draw the feet and legs. Complete the bottom of the butt, and then trace the tail with greater details. Your Koopa Troopa is almost done.

Step 5
This is the final drawing step , and all you need to draw is eyes and then shade them in. Draw patterns on the turtle’s shell. Then draw the feet and legs. Remove the basic shapes and principles that you created in step one.

Step 6
When you’re finished the line art will look as follows. Select a shade and the color of your Troopa. This is the end of this guide about “how to draw Koopa Troopa” step-by-step.

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