Hello! Today’s lesson is devoted to drawing the hero from Russian folklore Kolobok! Kolobok! For those who do not already know about it, Kolobok – is a folktale character that is represented by a tiny white bread that fled from its grandparents as well as different animals (hare or wolf, bear and) and was later consumed by the fox. Begin this lesson by learning how to draw Kolobok. discover the art of drawing Kolobok.

Step 1
Begin by drawing the circle. Then, using the same circle, we started drawing lessons on angered birds, Eric Cartman, and cherries.

Step 2
Mark your ball. Create a line vertically that shows facial symmetry and a horizontal line that shows the eyes. Be aware that the vertical line represents the rotation of the head (body).

Step 3
Beyond the horizontal line, draw the eye shapes. The point where you cross the lines draws the eyes.

Step 4
With a pair of curved lines, draw the cheeks. Draw the mouth smiling like in our illustration.

Step 5
Eliminate the guidelines and then circle those lines. This will make them darker and smooth.

Step 6
By drawing thick lines, make the eyebrows. Draw the pupils of the eyes and the eyelashes. Then draw your tongue inside the mouth.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing Kolobok. Visit for the new drawing lessons.

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