The animated show American Dad is full of weird and bizarre characters. One of the characters is a fish known as Klaus. In reality, Klaus is not an ordinary fish. He’s an East German athlete in ski jumping. His brain was transferred into the body of goldfish that is normally found in the ocean.

Step 1
Begin by drawing round eyes using dots with pupils inside.

Step 2
Draw the eyebrows, and forehead, and comb the top of your head.

Step 3
This is a bit more complicated – we draw a big smiling mouth and the tongue in.

Step 4
Then draw a hand-fin. an area of the tail, and the upper edge of the aquarium.

Step 5
The caudal fin is drawn as well as the lower portion of the aquarium in which Klaus is seated.

Step 6
Include some more details, such as the bubbles and water lines in the aquarium, and the Scales that cover the body of Klaus.

The lesson on drawing Klaus is quite different from other lessons that are taught about American Dad characters since Klaus himself is unusual in character. If you’re looking to learn how to draw the other characters from the show go to our section “Cartoons” or find them by searching on our site. Alongside American Dad’s characters American Dad, we have lessons for all the most well-known animated shows, however, If you’re unable to find an instructional video on your favorite character, tell us about the lesson.

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