Dear comic book fans and artists, This lesson teaches how you can draw Kitty Pryde in X-Men. It is a Marvel Universe character. She was first known by the names Sprite, Ariel, and then Shadowcat.

This lesson starts with drawing the skeleton for our character. We first sketch out a head that is an oval. Next, draw the spine line, where the pelvis and thorax are located. Next, draw the arms and legs. These lines should be drawn using very thin lines.

Step 2
Let’s now discuss the volume of our body. First, draw the lines that intersect the face. Next, draw the neck and outline the torso. The neck narrows at the waist but widens at the hips. Next, sketch out the legs and arms using very simple geometric figures.

Step 3
Let’s now add some details to the Kitty Pryde sketch. Let’s draw the hair and facial features. To make the body look more real, add smooth lines to the entire drawing.

Step 4
Let’s now draw Kitty Pryde. Draw the outline of Kitty Pryde’s head using both dark and clear lines. Next, draw your hair in the same way as our example. Next, draw the eyes, eyebrows, and nose. All lines that are not necessary will be removed at the end.

Step 5
Now, draw the details of Kitty Pride’s upper body. Use clear and dark lines to draw the outline of the upper body. Add the folds to the clothes. Take out all unnecessary lines from the top.

Step 6
Only the lower portion of the body needs to be drawn. Draw the outline of your legs using the same method as the previous step. Take out any unnecessary lines from the legs and draw the shoe lines. Add a few folds.

Step 7
It is now time to add shadows to the Kitty Pryde drawing. Shadows can be made in the same way as in the lesson Spider-Man (dark areas and black shadows), or in the lesson Scarlet Witch. This lesson will show you how to use light hatching to draw shadows.

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