Hello, dear readers! Today’s lesson will be themed around the topic of Mortal Kombat, and the protagonist in today’s lesson will be one of the main characters in the story: Princess Kitana! In this lesson, Princess Kitana will sport the classic appearance she wore in the original series of Mortal Kombat.

In actuality in the past, back in the Nineties Jade, Kitana and Mileena appear to be the same girl, only with different hues of clothes. The same style was used for the creation of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile one of the most famous Mortal Kombats it was also the same person, only with various shades. Let’s get started, and then learn what it takes to draw Kitana.

Step 1
We begin by sketching out an initial “skeleton” that represents our protagonist, which is, the form composed of circles and sticks that we use to define its location on a piece of paper, its proportions, and its posture. If we consider the development of Kitana this is where we observe the classic ratios, according to the ratio of her height to the total lengths of eight heads.

The note also includes illustrations of Kitana The width of the hips and shoulders of the women are roughly equal, however, Kitana’s shoulders are Kitana are slightly larger than her hips because she has a strong physique. In all other cases, you are able to apply the proportions rules we have outlined in our guide to drawing an attractive girl.

Step 2
Then we can increase the volume of the structure of the Kitana. Start by marking up the face with two lines: the vertical line signifies the eye, while the horizontal line indicates facial symmetry. We then go below and use the sloping lines to indicate the shoulders. We then join these lines with those of the face by using the cylinder to guide the neck.

The body has to take on the shape of an hourglass due to the expansion of the pelvis and chest as well as due to a shrinking of the waist. The arms, in the instruction on drawing the figure of a girl

They should be soft and thin. The arms are typically designed to be split into three sections:

The upper arm;
and hands.
Then, think about the region of the legs and waist. Also, keep in mind that the body’s pelvic region must be greatly expanded. When drawing your legs, however, don’t create a muscular appearance – the silhouettes of the legs must be soft and feminine. The hips are gradually and not abruptly narrowed toward the knee. The leg extends to the calves muscle, before narrowing around the ankle. However, these should not be massive.

Step 3.
The next step is to add more details to the outline of Kitana that we drew in the earlier step. We’ll add details from the head to the feet that are, from the top down. Utilizing the same technique we created others characters. Following the steps from the previous step sketch the face and outline the hairstyle eyebrows, ears, and mask lines.

Step 4
If you’re sure everything went according to plan during the previous step You can remove the lines from the face and then draw your eyes. With just three strokes, indicate the position that the eyes are in. Hair should be circled as you can see, and is tightly bunny in the side of the hair.

Step 5
The head is ready to draw the body’s torso. The body outline was drawn already, have been able to “dress” the body. Kitana’s costume starts with a collar. It splits immediately into two halves. It then expands around the chest and is slender downwards. Draw the contours of the breast, and draw the parts of the torso including the lace that connects the two pieces that make up the outfit.

Step 6
This is where drawing the left and right arms of the Kitana. The arms should be smooth, yet also they are a bit larger than the arms of a typical woman. We can clearly discern the upper arms, deltoids, and forearms. Include a few short lines of muscle. Draw the straps on your upper and forearms. Make the hand and then dress in gloves, then move on to step.

Step 7
In the last part of the course on drawing Kitana, you draw her legs. In this stage, we don’t have to draw muscle on legs (it is still a fragile girl, but not The Incredible Hulk).

Remove the guidelines and other plans from the previous steps. Circle the contours of your ankles, legs, and thighs. Bends at the ankle and knee must be feminine and smooth and narrowing the leg contours should not be too harsh. The high boots should be able to make patterns with the shape of an arch that is pointed upwards.

This lesson is not just to Kitana however, it also applies to Mileena along with Jade. Check out often, in case you’d like to learn about fresh and interesting drawing lessons.

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