How To Draw Kissing Pandas

How To Draw Kissing Pandas

Step one:

Create two different shapes to serve as head guides for each panda. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step two:

Then sketch the exact structure of the panda’s head and snout to the left side, in the same way. Make sure to leave space for the ear.

Step three:

Next, draw the second panda’s head and snout like this and add the fluffy bangs.

Step four:

Now we will draw the ears in the same way and the inner detail of the ear.

Step five:

Next you will draw the larger marks for the area where the eyes are drawn. After that, you can draw the noses , and follow with the eyebrows.

Step six:

The panda to left is a girl and the one on right is a male. Draw the girl’s eye, which is slightly closed using an elongated lash. Draw in the blush marks below the eye. Once the girl is finished drawing in the boy panda’s eye.

Step seven:

The final drawing step, draw the necks and shoulders. Remove the mistakes and the drawings.

Step eight:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. You can now paint them and create a lovely background to Valentine’s Day, or any day of the week.

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