How to draw kissing lips Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Step 1

Begin with drawing an oblique line, which can be used to divide from the other faces.

Step 2

Now, you can draw the outline of the mouth of the male like you see in this picture before moving on onto the next stage.

Step 3

Then you can begin to draw out the woman’s face in the manner you can see. The lips and chin should be in contact as they kiss.

Step 4

It’s a good idea to begin drawing the lips as you can see here. Then, draw some female noses.

Step 5

The only thing you must complete is end the kissing scene. All you need to do is apply some shade to create your lips appear more realistic and sexually attractive. Once you’re done, you’re able to begin erasing the lines and bold designs that you created to soften the look.

Step 6

Once you’re done, this is what your kiss should look like. I hope that you’ve liked this video on drawing the perfect kiss.

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