How to Draw Kirito, Kirito From Sword Art Online

How to Draw Kirito, Kirito From Sword Art Online

Step one:

Begin by drawing the head shape Then sketch the body. After that, connect the two using an neck line. Then draw the facial guides.

Step two:

Draw out the form of Kirito’s face in the manner shown and then draw the sharp, pointed bangs that rest across his forehead. Draw an ear, and then move on through the steps.

Step three:

Utilizing the facial guidelines, draw Kirito’s eyes in. The upper line of the lid must be bold or thick and the eyebrows must be thin. It is possible to add the nose and mouth and then add detail inside the ear.

Step four:

What you’ll be doing in this stage is draw the rest of Kirito’s style, which is a shaggy look with lots of sharp edges or tips.

Step five:

Let’s get to the jacket. I know that Kirito is a student however Kirito wears a similar outfit too. Draw the high, stiff blade-shaped collar for the jacket. Draw around the chest and neck. Make sure you draw his chest large.

Step six:

As you can see, Kirito is very straight in his posture. When drawing more of his body, ensure that you don’t make him appear sluggish. Draw the remainder of the collar. Then draw the arms, shoulders and all folds and folds.

Step seven:

We’ll conclude Kirito off by adding the pattern for his jacket. Draw the collar of the shirt and then draw holes or spots on the torso and shoulder portions of his jacket and the chest. Remove the mistakes, and you’re finished.

StepĀ  eight:

Here’s the incredible Kirito when you’re done. All you have to color is colour him and that’s it.

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