How to Draw Kirito From Sword Art

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Tie Fighter Step by Step

The first step is to create an outline for the head, and then sketch the body. After that then join them with the neckline, and then outline the face guide.

Step 2
Let’s draw the outline of Kirito’s face in this manner Then, add spiky hair that rests on his forehead. Draw his ears, and then go on through the steps.

Step 3
The use of facial lines can draw Kirito’s attention. The lines on the eyes should be strong or thick and the eyebrows must be straight and thin. Add the appearance of a mouth and nose and then add some details on the inside of his ear.

Step 4
What you’ll need to do for this is sketch the remainder of Kirito’s hairstyle in hair that is shaggy with plenty of edges or spikes.

Step 5
Let’s get to his jacket. I’m sure I’ve said the jacket was an official school uniform however Kirito also was wearing this. Create a stiff, high collar for the jacket, and then draw the chest and neck. Make sure you make the chest wider.

Step 6
As you can see, Kirito is very straight in his posture. When drawing all the other parts of his body be careful not to make him appear sluggish. Draw the remainder of the collar, and then draw the arms, shoulders and all folded and folded.

Step 7
We’ll conclude with Kirito with a pattern to his coat. Draw a collar for his shirt then put some holes or spots around the shoulders and the torso of his chest and jacket. Remove the mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step 8
This is the most amazing Kirito after you’ve completed all of them. All you need to color is him, and then you’re done.

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